Bios on the Hill

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  • Bios on the Hill

Bios on the Hill is a botanical garden where visitors can experience the subtropical forest. There is an artificial lake; a guided cruise and rental canoe are popular. There is also a water buffalo-pulled wagon ride tour, which is unique in Okinawa main island.

961-30 Kadekaru, Ishikawa, Uruma city
Closed day
Irregular holidays (Please check offical site )
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About 60 min by car from Naha Airport (using Okinawa Expressway)
Cost / Visit fee
¥1,800 (with lake admiration ship)
Business Hour
09:00~18:00 ( entrance permitted until 17:00)
Animal Handling Business Operator Certificate
The Applicant: Ran-no-sato Okinawa
961-30, Kadekaru, Ishikawa, Uruma city, Okinawa Prefecture
Type of Animal Handling Business Operator: Display
Registration Number: Oki-Dou-Ten No. 439
Registration Date: June 25th 2007
Expiry Date: June 24th 2022
Person Responsible for Animal Handling:Tsutomu Agena


Bios on the Hill

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