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Yogi Tomoe went through musical training with traditional drums, Sanshin and kokyu(Chinese fiddle), and she proudly performs Ryukyuan classical music and Shimauta pop music live show.
Optional Sanba castanet and finger whistle will be performed at request.

201 twin court 160 Kokuba Naha-shi
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Open Everyday
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Attraction Programs
●Sanshin performance (classics)/ Centering on Ryukyuan classical music
Please consult with us/ please consult with us
●Sanshin performance (Shimauta pops)/ Centering on folk songs and Shimauta (island songs) pop music
/Please consult with us/ please consult with us
Business Hour
Not specified
※Travel expenses will be added ※Please consult with us about the content of the program and type of performance


Yogi Tomoe

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