Sosaku Taiko Shu Churasa

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  • Sosaku Taiko Shu Churasa

We won the grand prizes at both original Eisa dance and Japanese drum performance competition. We also perform Lion dance, ancient form of martial arts, and play Sanshin. With overseas experiences, we can give comments in English for the performance.

1460 Itoman Itoman-shi
Closed day
Irregular holiday
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Attraction Programs
●Eisa dance / Churasa’s main performance / 50,000 yen - / 15 minutes
●Full -content Live show / Eisa dance, lion dance, ancient form of martial arts, original dance and Shimauta pops/100,000 yen - / 30 minutes
Business Hour
Not specified
※Travel expenses will be added ※Please consult with us about the content of the program and type of performance


Sosaku Taiko Shu Churasa

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