Hulā Hālāu Nānā I Ke Kumu

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  • Hulā Hālāu Nānā I Ke Kumu

Hawaiian dance school based in Chatan-cho town. With an instructor who joined the competition in Hawaii, our performers participate in the various events throughout year. Please enjoy our hula dance while you bask in the mild climate of Okianwa that gives you a feeling of Hawaii.

1-14-1-201 Chatan Chatan-cho
Closed day
Open Everyday
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Attraction Programs
●Hawaiian hula dance show/ 3 numbers, six performers / 30,000 yen - / 5 – 10 minutes
●Hawaiian hula show / 7 numbers ten performers / 50,000 yen -/ 30 minutes
Business Hour
Weekdays 16:00~21:00 Saturdays and Sundays
Foregin language availability
English ( cost estimate )
※Travel expenses will be added ※Please consult with us about the content of the program and type of performance


Hulā Hālāu Nānā I Ke Kumu

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