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Nonprofit Organization / Nature experiences facility

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Yaese Eisa dance lesson (Yaese folk entertainment)

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Yaese town, located in southern Okinawa, has the largest and oldest shisa dog “Tomori Stone lion.” This school lets you try performing
folk arts such as the Eisa dance, experience the natural sea and forests, and try aspects of Okinawan life such as minpaku (homestay) where you can meet local people. It also provides certification training programs, which can be used for employee training, team building or personal development.

Puratto Yaese, 1 Gushichan,Yaese,Okinawa
Closed day
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About 30 min by car from Naha Airport
Description of service
Learn the traditional Okinawan dance called Eisa from experienced instructors of Yaese Town in a group and perform the dance to present. /
9:00am–6:00pm (Please ask for other times) / 40–160 pax / About 2.5h (can adjust based on the number of participants)
Cost / Visit fee
From ¥2,500 (tax not included) / Groups must make a formal reservation at least one month in advance (Email or fax) / Venue located
somewhere in Yaese Town in Southern Okinawa.
Business Hour
Foreign language Brochure
English,Korean, Chinese (simplified)


Nonprofit Organization / Nature experiences facility

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