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Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa commemorated the 50th anniversary of foundation in year 2013. Our vision is set at "being a corporation that offers moving and creative services and being a vibrant corporation". With this in mind, we will continue to work positively towards international exchange and local promotion that connects people to people, and culture to culture. We will strive to do so by utilizing our information resources, planning and creativity which have been cultivated in our experiences.

Kokuba Bldg. 2F, 3-21-1 Kumoji Naha city
Closed day
Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
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Business Hour
Credit Card
AMEX・UCMaster・VISA・DC, etc.
Number of stores
In Okinawa: 1 Office
Outside of Okinawa: 210 Offices
Overseas: 28 Offices
Arrangement for translation
Chinese, Taiwanese, English, French and Spanish
Foregin language availability
Chinese and English
MICE Performance results
(Jan–Oct 2016 actual results) MICE related organizations (in Okinawa)
23, (outside Okinawa) 30
Past Performances
700 guests in 2011
1,200 guests in 2012


Nippon Travel Agency Okinawa Co., Ltd.

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