Aun Consulting, Inc. Okinawa Branch

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Okinawa Branch

Aun Consulting, listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers offers translation service. We also support companies expanding overseas through our network in China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand.

4F, JB NAHA Building, 2-4-14 Kume, Naha
Closed day
Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays
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Cost / Visit fee
Price for Translation
■Letter/Word 10~20JPY Japanese →English or Chinese or Korean
■1Letter/ Word 20~30JPY English to Japanese, Chinese to English
Business Hour
Credit Card
Foregin language availability
Englishi, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Tagalog, French, Italy, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, etc.
Description of Business
Translation *From planning, contracting process to prepraration, operation of the event to after the event. We handle the translation of all documents.
Past Performances
Exhibitors manual for bio related exhibit (Japanese to English), Automaker Motor Show Schedule (Japaense to English), OCVB Luxury Incentive Tour Brochure (Japanese to Thai), Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Brochure (Japanese to English), Tokyu Hotels Brochure (Japanese to English)


Aun Consulting, Inc. Okinawa Branch

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