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Enjoy your stay in Okinawa to its fulll extent! We are here for you with our spirit of hospitality, language skills and abundant knowledge of geography, history, and economy.

Closed day
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Cost / Visit fee
Whole day (8hours) 25,000~35,000JPY, Half day (4hours) 20,000~30,000JPY
*Discuss the price with member individually. Price does not include transportation, meals, over time hourly charge, and communication expense.
Business Hour
*Fexible, we do our best to meet the need of our customer.
Foregin language availability
English, Chinese, Korean and French
Description of Business
Dispatch of certified tour guides, conference, business, and escort interpreter, and translation.
Past Performances
Interpretation at Japan-ASEAN Transportation Partnership Conference, Okinawa International Movie Festival, tours, businesses, MICE, media tours, crews filming of dramas and more.

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