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Naha Civic Hall is a multi-purpose cultural venue that contains large and medium size halls and conference rooms. The large hall is used for music, dance and theater performances as well as large size lectures and gatherings. Conference rooms for all manner of events and a Japanese room are available. This building with its distinctive Okinawan atmosphere and long history; a venue familiarly known not only by the locals but also by visitors.

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Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
ホール 1668 360 3895 8 付帯設備:舞台・音響機材・照明機材・ピアノ 他
中ホール 800 501 3.6 付帯設備:舞台・音響機材・ピアノ
会議室(和室) 40 77.6 約3.0 付帯備品を含む。 付帯設備:テーブル
会議室(洋室) 10 18.6 約3.0 付帯備品を含む。 付帯設備:テーブル・イス
1-2-1 Yorimiya, Naha City
Closed day
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25 minutes drive from Naha Airport
Vehicle parking
38 for Large Hall, 24 for Medium Hall
Business Hour
9:00 - 22:00
30 days before the event date

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