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Financial Support (Chartered Bus/ Large Taxi) for Conventions (Meeting events)

Financial support (Chartered Bus / Large Taxi) program is available for your meeting events. This financial program partially supports your expences for the chartered Bus or Large Taxi.

Eligible Period
1st period: April.1st, 2020- Sep.30th, 2020
2nd period:Oct.1st,2020- Feb. 28th, 2021
International meetings / 30 or more International participants
(Domestic meetings / 50 or more participants except residents in Okinawa)
※Only Academic or Association meetings are eligible.

Application flow


Application must be Submitted 30days in advance.

Review and Approve

We will review your application to see whether it meets the requirements, then inform you the decision of Approval or Refusal.


Download documents

You can download documents from Japanese pages.
Please click here for application forms.

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