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Naha Daiko is composed of a wide range of members mainly from
Naha City, ranging from elementary school students to adults. They
perform creative drumming based on Eisa, Okinawa’s traditional
performing art. The drumming covers a wide repertoire from
classical Eisa with folk songs to creative Eisa. Their performances
are powerful and enjoyable for all audiences.

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Attraction Programs
【Program】Eisa dance
【Details】Performance includes traditional eisa dance with chorus (live sanshin performance) and creative eisa dance choreographed in a modern style.
【Price】From ¥50,000
【Time】15 – 30 min; or 60–90 min available when including a simple eisa dance lesson and performance
Business Hour
Foregin language availability
※Additional fee for transportation 
※Performance contents and formation can be arranged upon request
※Business area: All areas (overseas included)

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